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Vortrag"International Negotiations: Practical Experiences and Lessons from Asia and the US"

Of course you care about the success of your next negotiation abroad. But international negotiations unfortunately may fail before they even started. Do Japanese businessmen behave differently from Americans? You bet they do!

But maybe they studied in the US…..??
Beware of stereotypes!

In this entertaining presentation you learn first-hand about cultural models that underlie differences in behavior and in negotiations. Why is dinner in Asia so important? And who sits where? How should you conduct small talk to obtain relevant information? You learn how to build trust and how to watch for pitfalls – so that your next negotiation will be successful.

The presentation is based on the academic theories of Fons Trompenaars and Erin Meyer, and on the personal experiences of Dr. Ludwig Wagatha – who not only studied, lived and worked in the US but also visited Asia on more than 50 occasions. As a sales executive Dr. Ludwig Wagatha negotiated on many complex issues: From sales contracts and prices to acquisitions of companies to annual bonuses for local executives.

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